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Reasons Why You Should Choose Alarm System Innovators

Top 10

Top ten reasons why thousands of homes and businesses in Wisconsin have chosen alarm system innovators corporation.

1. Locally Owned. We provided ease of access to company owner should the need arise.

2. With over 1,000 customers and 25 years of experience, we ensure quality installations and continued service presence. We are a trustworthy option and are proud of what we do.

3. U.L. Certified. ASI installations and monitoring that meets the highest technical and service standards in the industry.

4. Licensed and Factory Trained. We make sure that all the proper equipment is functioning and insured.

5. Employee Background Checks. ASI ensures all of our employees have been properly screened and are highly reputable individuals.

6. Fully Insured. Remove the fear of suits due to accidents during installations.

7. 24-7 Service.  We make sure we’re available for you anytime you need us.

8. Insurance Company Notification. We work with your insurance company to notifying them of potential premium reductions.

9. Flexible Financing. We work with your budget with flexible financing, ownership or leasing arrangements to help make your purchase affordable.

10. Service Packages. We provide the highest level of service packages and extended service warranties based on your budget and needs.


We stand behind our security products and services as the best in Wisconsin.

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